Why should you apply in an IPO? Different ways to apply IPO online in India – Explained!

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POs raised a whopping Rs 25000 crores in the year 2020 and gave investors a massive return opportunity. 


To get listed on the stock exchange the company has to release its IPO. It helps them raise funds from the public by issuing the initial public offerings (IPO) in their company’s name. India is one of the ever-growing marketplaces for companies to launch their IPOs. 


The above statement is backed by the fact that there was a 28% YOY rise in India’s IPO proceeding. With notable trading firms like HTPL, IPO offers investors an excellent opportunity to gain high returns in a short period, say ten days.  

We provide low brokerage and easy trading options in the following domains. Choose us to get maximum profit on your investment. 

Equity  Commodity  Futures & Options 
Currency Derivatives  Easy IPO  Mutual Funds 


There are two ways to apply for the online IPO application: 

  1. Through a trading account 
  1. Through your bank account 

Let’s know more about each category in detail: [Text Wrapping Break] 


Trading accounts help you to invest in your preferred IPO. You need a trading account to trade your shares in the NSE or BSE markets. For having a trading account, you can register on the HTPL app in just 30 seconds. The pre-filled user forms make your complete registration hassle-free, and you can start investing in the IPO in just 30 seconds. You can choose the individuals’ number one IPO brokerage firm who are utilizing the most recent innovations to help your accommodation in trading, “Hindustan Tradecom Pvt. Ltd.”. 

[Text Wrapping Break]What makes HTPL the individual’s top-pick?  

Any brokerage firm relies on people’s trust and their loyalty to the firm’s service. With HTPL, you get: 

  • Low Brokerage Fees 
  • Standard Service Quality 
  • Prompt issue resolution 
  • Trusted market Veterans at your service 
  • Real-time IPO updates 


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Once, you have an HTPL trading account; you can follow the below-mentioned steps to participate in an IPO: 

  1. Log in and make an informed decision. 
  1. After then select the lot size by estimating the required price through HTPL easy app. 
  1. Wait for allotment and the CAN number. 
  1. Hold/sell your stock market shares after the company is listed in the exchange 


Most banks offer a bucket of services, including helping you to apply for IPO application through a Demat account. However, it is crucial to note that they charge high fees, whereas HTPL has zero charging fees. Moreover, you don’t need to take time from your schedule to visit the bank for the registration process that can be done at your home using the HTPL platform. 



Banks and brokerage firms are running on online platforms and hence are more aligned with the online application format. The simple mobile application/ laptops are enough for opening an online trading account for IPO trading. The bank’s user interface is complex and confusing and may not be suitable for new internet users. Moreover, their service/ brokerage charges are a bit costly for consumers than the online trading platforms. Firms like HTPL have easy IPO options where you can open an online account in only 30 seconds and that too with minimal fees. Follow these four easy steps to start trading in IPO online. 

  • Step 1. Link your Demat account with your bank account for facilitating transactions. You will be required to submit PAN and other necessary bank documents while linking. And check various IPOs. 
  • Step 2. After finalizing the IPO, you need to select the lot size. Lot size in the minimum number of shares you need to purchase while considering buying that IPO. You can buy multiple lots of your favourite IPO. 
  • Step 3. The next part is the bidding process, where you will be required to bid on the given IPO. You can also find a fixed flat rate of per lot of that IPO. Otherwise, you need to participate in the bidding process. The floor price and cap price are fixed by the IPO offering company. You can find the bidding rates here. 
  • Step 4. After the bidding, you need to do the bank transaction through ASBA facility. ASBA ensures that the bidding amount is blocked in your account and cannot be debited until the shares are allotted to your Demat account. Save the CAN number. 

[Text Wrapping Break]OFFLINE PROCESS [Text Wrapping Break]Offline is the most tedious process that requires you to visit the banks physically. Why go with it in this digital era when you have a simple HTPL online registration process. The general offline steps include visiting the bank, filling out the ASBA form, and other identity details, and then keeping track of your application status using the acknowledgment slip. It takes more than ten days process and also takes your precious time. 


Why people prefer HTPL online trading options? 

Online trading ensures that you have access to both correct pieces of knowledge about the company and your ease of transaction. Brokerage firms like Hindustan Tradecom Pvt Ltd provide many online features that make the overall IPO experience hassle-free. Even a person who is new to trading can invest in HTPL IPO. With our online option you get: 

  • Quick opening process (30 seconds) 
  • Complete information about the IPO 
  • SEBI backed security features 
  • Easy trading options 
  • Quick UPI bank transfer 
  • Application support 

In the manual offline process, all these things get complicated due to each process window’s physical obstructions. Your amounts and profits are hampered adversely due to time/ value fluctuations.  

Note: “Hindustan Tradecom Pvt. Ltd.” is not responsible for any loss in your investments. HTPL only provides a platform to apply for IPO biddings.  

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