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Why LAS is right choice for you?

When you pledge securities to take the loan, you get access to funds without ever having to liquidate the investments that you have made over the years.

One of the biggest benefits of Loan against Securities is that you pay interest only on the amount that has been utilised and not on the limit extended. It can also be used as an overdraft facility.

At no point do you have to liquidate your investments or securities. Even after having them pledged, you can continue to reap benefits that come from your investments as you still enjoy the ownership of the financial products.

We ask for your basic KYC documents which makes the process of availing Loan against Securities hassle free.

Financing Transaction

Trader borrows lower volatility stock at comparatively lesser price range and sells it right in the capital market segment.


One can sell securities short precisely against an offsetting derivatives position to take benefit of dislocation amid cash as well as derivatives markets.

Steady additional Income

SLBM provides you an official low-cost platform to better earn risk-free Incremental Income (Lending Fees) from your idle portfolio while protecting all your rights as owner, comprising all corporate benefits and actions on your precise holding, without any Capital Gain Tax implication right on your SLB transaction.

Avoid unwanted penalties

SLBM offers you a platform to cover your unplanned short position created in the books as well as avoid settlement failure and auction or to support a trading/hedging strategy.

Additional Tool in derivative segment

SLBM is available on all derivatives and eligible Non-F&O securities as approved by the exchange(s) from time to time.

How it works

Select securities and quantities from your demat account against which you wish to avail the loan.

 Review and digitally sign the loan application.

Wait for approval (up to 24 hours).

Receive cash in your bank account.

Benefits you get with us

Pay Interest only on amount you use

Low-Interest Rate & Processing Charges

Set your own loan limits

No need to submit documents

Choose shares & mutual funds you want to pledge

No prepayment penalty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Instant Loan against Securities is the fastest and most convenient way to avail loan against marketable securities from the comfort of your home. A customer needs to pledge their shares, mutual funds etc. as collateral to in favor of Hindustan Tradecom and avail the overdraft facility. Receive the funds instantly in your account. Pay interest only on the amount utilized

Any customer having 1 single scrip can avail this loan provided the scrip is a part of the approved list of single scrips by Hindustan Tradecom Bank. The list of approved scrips is updated on periodic basis and can be referred on NSE website.

A customer can get upto 85%* of the actual value of the security pledged by them. The exact amount depends on a couple of factors such as type of securities pledged etc.

You can pledge securities in Demat form such as Shares, Equity Mutual Funds, Debt Mutual Funds, and Bonds. Only the pledged securities will be considered as collateral. No additional collateral can be used to avail this loan.

Yes, customers will be able to receive all bonus/dividends on the securities pledged by them.

In the overdraft account, interest will be charged only on the amount you draw and for the period that you draw. Interest will be charged on a daily basis, but will be debited to your account only once a month.

The applicant should be between 18 and 75 years of age. The applicant should have Valid Email id and Mobile no.

You can repay the loan by cash, cheque or demand draft.

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