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Why do companies issue IPO and Its benefits?

IPO stands for ‘Initial Public Offering’ that are the public shares issued by any first-time listed company in the stock market. IPOs are issued by the companies when it seeks to raise funds from the public or to get their shares listed on the stock exchange for the...

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A beginner’s Guide: Type of Investors.

Indian stock market has around 2.78 crore domestic citizens investing in the stock market With the recent lockdown and work from home conditions, people looked for new investment options. With more time to spare, the stock market was one of the favorite places where...

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How to apply for an IPO?

Different ways to apply IPO online in India – Explained! IPO market has been ever growing in the Indian financial segment. There are various routes one can choose to participate in the growing trend i.e. IPO (Initial Public Offer). IPO offers a great opportunity for...

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The Indian Stock Broking Industry

It all began in 2nd  century BC in Rome, which was the first time any shares were bought or sold. The storm came to India in 1875 with the setting up of Bombay Stock Exchange. Since then, the profession has come a long way and to have become more than a $1 billion...

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