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Invest in the right currency and earn huge profits. Start trading in currencies now to earn great returns
Currency trading, commonly known as forex trading, is the buying and selling of currency pairs in the foreign exchange market to earn profits through speculation.
Presently, the currency market, or the forex market, is one of the world’s largest and most liquid markets, thereby recording a daily turnover of $ 2 trillion, with quick growth projections.
The primary factor that differentiates forex trading from other types of trading is its liquidity. The purchase and sale of one currency for another to take place simultaneously. This kind of trading is also known as ‘Speculative forex trading.’

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Why Trade in currency Futures ?

Investors enter into currency futures contracts to protect themselves against currency risks. A currency future is a futures contract to exchange one currency for another at a specified date in the future at a price (exchange rate) that is fixed on the purchase date.


You can hedge against foreign exchange risks through currency futures contracts


Currency futures can help you profit from the difference in the value of currencies in different markets.

Financial Leverage

By putting an upfront margin of (say) 5%, a client can trade in currency futures. Thereby, leveraging his capital.

Which currency pairs are listed?

Currency derivatives are available in fours pair in India. These are US Dollars (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Euro (EUR), and Great Britain Pound (GBP) against the Indian Rupee(INR). Investors can also trade on cross-currency futures & options contracts on USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and EUR/USD.









What are the benefits of currency trading?

Currency trading has many benefits for not only big organisations but also small and medium-sized investors. Here are some of its advantages that investors must know:


Currency trading offers investors high liquidity. The buying and selling of currencies are reasonably fast-paced and straightforward. Investors can always find suitable trades, especially if they are trading in sought after pairs like the EUR/USD.

Low transaction costs

The transaction costs involved in trading currency online are fairly low. These costs are usually included in the price. The only other cost that investors bear is the broker’s commission, which again is nominal and usually equivalent to just a small percentage of the transaction amount.

Leverage options

Investors can trade in currencies using leverage. This implies that an individual can trade with more money than what they own. For instance, a 5:1 leverage ratio lets one trade ₹5 for every ₹1 in their account. So, a person can trade ₹5,000 even if they own only ₹1,000 in their bank account.

Huge market with no manipulators

The currency market is massive and controlled by economies rather than companies. So, it is hard for a single trader to control the prices. There are also no middlemen in the market, so investors can trade with other investors directly.

24-hour format

Since the market works worldwide, there are no time restrictions on trading. If one part of the world sleeps, the other is awake. This gives investors an increased window to invest.

Use of Currency Derivatives


 Now avail protection against foreign exchange exposures and minimize your losses by taking appropriate positions through hedging with the help of currency derivatives


With currency options and futures, you can now trade on short-term fluctuations in markets by taking view on directional movement.


 Benefit from currency exchange rates in different markets and different exchanges with currency derivatives trading.


With currency futures trading and options trading, you only need to pay a minimal margin of the total value, and not the full traded value.

Why invest in currencies with us

Currency Trading Online can be a tricky activity that requires the knowledge and expertise of a broker. Hindustan Tradecom offers investors the much-needed support and practical assistance to trade on currencies online and reap maximum profits. With years of experience in the industry, we help individuals trade on NSE in futures, options contracts of USD/INR, and protect investors from losses caused due to currency movements.

High Liquidity

Trading in Forex tends to cater to highly liquid market. There are no hidden prices.

Trade from anywhere

Use web or mobile platform to trade in global currencies from your couch

Make fast & precise decisions

Study & understand market and place quick orders on FOREX market in real time

Low Cost

Exchange charges like TOC & STT are close to negligible, hence currency trading is a cost effective product

Open your account in 3 easy steps

Open your account

Verify your Mobile Number & E-mail ID

Upload documents

Submit your PAN Card details & Bank Proof

Start currency trading

And Voilà, your account is ready.

Our Research

Hindustan Tradecom offers ground-breaking research to help investors make better currency trading decisions. The years of experience in studying markets ensures a smooth trading experience for all our clients. In addition to this, our clients also have access to the following:

Detailed reports on different currencies to make informed choices.

Weekly newsletters, story picks of the day, and timely recommendations.

Tailor-made assistance to ensure every individual’s investment goals are met.

Professional expertise acquired by working with several investors over the years by evaluating on the ground investment trends.

Technical analysis reports and weekly calls with the research team to discuss the market and other global events affecting the market

What we offer ?

With Hindustan tradecom, you can invest in all the major currency pairs with ease. Hedging, speculation or arbitrage, we offer quality research and seamless trading experience to all types of investors.

Best in Class Mobile App

With the multi-platform trading apps from Hindustan tradecom, you do not have to worry about the device. Trade seamlessly from your smartphone, desktop or tablet.

Dedicated Team

Currency futures can be tricky. Our dedicated research team can help you navigate through the currency markets.

Free Call-&-Trade

With several dealers at your disposal, we provide you the facility of call-&-trade at no additional charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trading currency means exchanging the denominations of currencies of specified nations (e.g. US Dollar, Euro, Yen, Yuan etc.) on international platform. It incorporates all parts of purchasing, selling and trading monetary standards at current or decided costs. As far as trading volume, it is by a long shot the biggest market on the planet.

Forex trading requires assembling different components to plan a trading strategy that works for you. The major ones are Price Action and Range Trading strategies. Price action strategy includes the investigation of verifiable prices to define specialized trading strategies. Price action can be utilized as an independent method or related to a marker. Details are only sporadically utilized. Alternately Range trading strategy incorporates recognizing backing focuses whereby traders will put trades around these key levels.

An exchange rate is a cost paid for one currency in exchange for another. It is this sort of exchange that drives the Forex market. There are 180 various types of legitimate monetary standards on the planet. Notwithstanding, most global Forex exchanges and instalments are made utilizing the U.S. dollar, British pound, Japanese yen, and the Euro. Other well-known currency trading instruments incorporate the Australian dollar, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar, and New Zealand dollar.

Currency Derivatives are very efficient risk management instruments and you can derive the below benefits:

  • Hedging: You can protect your foreign exchange exposure in business and hedge potential losses by taking appropriate positions in the same. For e.g. If you are an importer, and have USD payments to make at a future date, you can hedge your foreign exchange exposure by buying USDINR and fixing your pay out rate today. You would hedge if you were of the view that USDINR was going to depreciate. Similarly, it would give hedging opportunities to Exporters to hedge their future receivables, Borrowers to hedge foreign currency (FCY) loans for interest and principal payments, Resident Indians, who can hedge their offshore investments.
  • Speculation: You can speculate on the short-term movement of the markets by using Currency Futures. For e.g. If you expect oil prices to rise and impact India’s import bill, you would buy USDINR in expectation that the INR would depreciate. Alternatively, if you believed that strong exports from the IT sector, combined with strong FII flows will translate to INR appreciation you would sell USDINR.
  • Arbitrage: You can make profits by taking advantage of the exchange rates of the currency in different markets and different exchanges.
  • Leverage:You can trade in the currency derivatives by just paying a % value called the margin amount instead of the full traded value.

Currency Futures contracts are legally binding agreement to buy or sell a financial instrument sometime in future at an agreed price. Currency Future contracts are standardized in terms of lots and delivery time. The only variable is the price, which is discovered by the market. Currency Futures contracts have different expiry validity and will expire after the completion of the specified tenure.

The first thing to remember is that in currency trading, the trade is always between a pair of currencies. Unlike in equity or stock market where you buy a share of one company, currency trading in India will involve taking a position on a currency pair.

For instance, the EUR/USD rate represents the number of US dollar one Euro can buy. If you think the Euro will increase in value against the US dollar, you buy Euros with US dollars.

When the exchange rate rises, you sell the Euros back, and you cash in your profit.

To be a successful currency trader, you have to get your basics, goals and risk management right. Here is a list of things you should remember:

  • Understand your trading style – Every currency trader has a trading style. This is aligned to the trader’s risk profile. Understand yourself properly before doing trades regularly.
  • Choose the right broker and platform – Having a good broker in currency trading is important for success. A good broker will handhold you when it comes to forex trading in India, and ensure you are updated about live currency market news,
  • Know your limits – Before you do any currency trade, specify the entry and exit points for the trade. No trade is a sure-shot guarantee and so be prepared to double down or exit when the situation is unfavourable. A good idea about the possible trade scenarios will help you a lot. Keep your losses small.

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